An addicted insider’s account of our real lives in the era of the realtime, social web.

An Introduction to the Wasteland

Thanks for visiting Tweetage Wasteland: An addicted insider’s account of what’s happening to our real lives and relationships in the era of the realtime, social web.

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– Identity, Memory and Urgency in the Cloud Age

Confession #44: My Head is in the Cloud
How could she possibly not know her own boyfriend’s telephone number? It must have been the trauma of being hit by a car. But then I thought about it for a few seconds, and I realized that – without pulling out my iPhone – I don’t know her telephone number either.

Confession #67: Say Hello to My Little Friend
As the realtime, social web has erupted, so too has my transition from being a dealer to being a dealer and a hardcore user. I’ve been denying this reality for years. I easily convinced myself that I wasn’t the Nurse Jackie of the internet. I told myself I was just taking a little taste to make sure I understood the product I was serving out to others — the civilians, the suckers. But it was a lie.

Confession #79: Pull Over Before You Read This
All of this data can wait until later – and much of it can wait until never.

Confession #55: I Walked the Brooklyn Bridge Without Facebook
This was an era before the internet became an umbilical cord.

Confession #48: We All Have Photographic Memories Now
McEnroe has never watched the video of his dramatic 1980 Wimbledon final against Bjorn Borg … He doesn’t want to take the chance that his memory of the experience will be altered or even replaced by a new memory of the video version of the event.

Confession #72: I’m Being Followed By My Life
The web won’t let the present become past. Welcome to an era when junior high lasts forever.

– Privacy

Confession #46: Is the End of Privacy the End of Shame?
I was eleven and sitting in my child psychiatrist’s waiting room. The door opened. And there was my worst nightmare – a kid from my school walking out of the same office where I was about to walk in.

Confession #63: Are We Really Dumb Zucks?
The only privacy policy that really matters is your own.

– Media in Age of Twitter

Confession #77: You’ve Got to Face This Face
A few weeks ago I might have argued that it’s almost impossible to shock members of Generation TMI. I would have been wrong. I was shocked by a recent Time cover that featured a photo of Aisha, an 18 year-old Afghan woman who had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban.

Confession #81: Adolescence in the Age of Pay-Per-Minute Porn
My friend Mordy’s four-finger method worked for seven days. And during that unforgettable week, my neighborhood shut down.

Confession #86: From Walkman to Facebook: How Tuning in Led to Tuning Out
Three decades after the Walkman, we find ourselves seeking social connections through the very devices that isolated us in the first place.

Confession #29: I Can’t Read Anything Longer Than This Headline
After a decade of browsing, blogging, linking, clicking and Tweeting, I find it nearly impossible to focus on a book even when I try to recreate a reading environment that mirrors a more technologically simple time.

Confession #74: The Web’s Five Most Endangered Words
The five most endangered words of the realtime internet era are:
Let me think about that.

– Generation TMI

Confession #71: Happy Birthday From Me and My Son’s Dentist
Facebook has destroyed birthdays – and my one and only social skill.

Confession #89: 100 People I Hate on Facebook
Facebook is made up of those dinner party guests who just won’t leave even though it’s late and everyone else left two hours ago. After a while, everything anyone does on Facebook becomes irritating.

Confession #87: I Can’t Keep it in My Pants
We walk around with what seems like infinite access in our pockets, and yet, we often experience our lives through two-inch screens.

Confession #60: Like, Whatever
What does it mean to “like” something?

Confession #28: I Don’t Really Care Where You Are
There are an increasing number of you who suffer from a major case of Waldo Envy (you’re convinced people care where you are).

Confession #52: I Broke Up with Jenny McCarthy. Please RT
There’s no such thing as TMI, only TMC (Too Many Characters).

Confession #20: The Thirty Year Swim
The photo and the words would be equally meaningful whether I shared then at that second or if I at least waited until my feet were dry.

Confession #58: It Was the OKest of Times
First lines of novels in the age of Facebook

— Addictions (My Street Cred)

Confession #47: I’m a Web Analytics Junkie
There’s Springsteen on stage in Jersey belting out Born to Run. There’s Obama on election night in Hyde Park … And there’s you in your undershorts, fists pumping in the air, awash in the glory of the coming of the traffic.

Confession #78: Facebook and Loathing in Las Vegas
I find myself alone and temporarily without a ride home in a nearly empty Vegas strip club. I order a twelve dollar Bud Light and find a seat on a bench about thirty feet to the side of the main stage. I’m not into it. The place is like an after-hours ghost town; it’s how I imagine the Playboy mansion once the jumpsuited cleanup crew shows up.

Confession #51: I Kissed an iPad and I Liked It
Then my wife said: “I hate to say it, but I wish they came out with this before we had kids.”