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Confession #105: The Action Movie Blog Post

I’m twelve stories up and being chased by two guys with four guns and I’m running out of roof which leaves me with two choices: I duck and cry, or I take a flying leap for the adjacent building’s rooftop. Without breaking stride, I jump for it. My hands make it to the next rooftop. [...]

Confession #104: I Wish I Could Be More Like My Avatar

I wish I could be more like my avatar. The other day I accidentally loaded the wrong version of a podcast I had been working on. About a minute in, I heard myself stumble over a few words, and then ramble, “What are you doing wasting your time with this? You’re a grown man with [...]

Confession #103: The First Rule of Tweet Club

I had been writing a political blog for about six months when my wife and best friend sat me down to give me some unsolicited advice: “Dave,” they explained. “You need to start swearing in your commentaries.” They both argued that I was more funny, irreverent and interesting in person than I was on my [...]

Confession #102: I Don’t Care if You Read This Article

I’m still not sure what precipitated it, but the other night at San Francisco’s Jackson Fillmore restaurant, over a couple large bowls of linguini with butter and cheese, my four year-old son raised his fork and tried to stab my two year-old daughter in the head. His mother quickly restrained him while I checked the [...]

Confession #101: Calling the Internet Police

A few months ago my friend Hudson was working on a new and promising internet business. He hired contractors for most of the work – design, graphics, engineering. Once the site was done and ready for launch, his engineer called him and demanded more money. After Hudson rightfully said no, the engineer responded by hijacking [...]

Confession #100: Buried Under an Avalanche of Options

Looking back on it now, the first time I truly felt the need for a note-taking app was when I started researching note-taking apps. I was just looking for a simple tool to save ideas about upcoming articles or jot down an occasional to-do list. Stop. Do not send me your pick for best note-taking [...]

Confession #99: Jimmy Wong Saves the Internet

It seems like a great time to be a bully. When I was a kid, even the most productive bullies could only manage a handful of victims at a time. What used to take a lot of effort can now be handled with a couple thumbs and some wifi. A hateful rumor can spread a [...]

Confession #98: Why We Need Charlie Sheen

You might be one of those people who just can’t get enough of this Charlie Sheen story, following him from television to TMZ to Twitter. And who could blame you? The story has all the elements that we love: Celebrities, bad TV, drugs, sex, and self-destruction (generously re-branded as winning). On the other hand, you [...]

Confession #97: Breaking News: Man Tweets Without Really Thinking About It First

Journalist Nir Rosen managed to do the near-impossible. He published some tweets offensive enough to rise above the din of the Internet’s general state of offensiveness and lost his fellowship at NYU. Rosen’s offending tweets were in response to the reports that CBS’ Lara Logan had been sexually assualted near Tahrir Square on the day [...]

Confession #96: Is the Internet God?

How could god let this happen? I am the Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, so that is a question that I have heard asked throughout my life. Everyone from the most revered religious leaders to George Burns playing the title character in Oh God, Book 2, has tackled that enquiry. During the early nineties, I [...]

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