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Trust Me, I’m Wasted

My name is Dave Pell — internet addict, early adopter and insider. I use, build, read, write and live the web. Here I will provide a critical look at some of the issues, psychological and social, that we should consider as we click our way into this evolving world.

The realtime/social web is here to stay. The benefits are countless. But we need to consider the impact of these technologies as we move forward. I have seen social networks bring distant people together. I have also seen my daughter kiss my laptop goodnight.

When I am hanging out with other early adopter types, we constantly discuss the ways the web is eating its way into parts of our lives where it should have no role. But you rarely read this perspective from that source in the news. The true-believing talking heads (many of whom, thanks to this medium, went from being stuffed into their junior high school lockers to being international celebrities) have little incentive or time to focus on the psychological issues surrounding this technology. The luddite shrink-types who can’t believe that anyone is crazy enough to publicly post anything anywhere are too naive for their takes to provide much benefit.

Enter me. Total addict. Sort of worried. Too chubby in junior high to fit in my locker.

I’m your man.

Superhero ”Powers”

I have all the basic superpowers one associates with blogging types:

Over the years, this technology has eaten my homework, bear-clawed my mouse hand, elephant-manned my shoulder, 140-charactered my attention span, two and a half-menned my brain, donkey-konged my social skills, studio-54ed my eyeballs, floppy-disked my back, and dropped a city-sized anvil on my potential.

More to the point, I can easily come to concrete conclusions without any substantive facts (which is fortunate because I can’t really concentrate for more than a paragraph or so), during the first internet boom I regularly used the word billions, and I spend about sixty percent of my time working on CSS tweaks for IE 6. Finally, depending on the situation, I can, with a few faster than a speeding bullet two-fingered keystrokes, administer hypocritical irony or ironic hypocrisy with equal aplomb.

Web Cred

I made one of the first realtime/social search sites, taught Google how to do custom search (though they never thanked me), write an old school blog1 and one about health, work on my wife’s site, and have blown cash and time on more than fifty startups currently including: GrubHub, Marin Software, Liftopia, Dealbase, SendMe, Three Rings, Trazzler and Corrigo.

The logo and much of the site was designed by the great Brian Moco. You can find the archives here.

You can contact me at dave (at)

1 Really old school.