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Internet by the Numbers: It’s Getting Crowded in Here

To me, the most memorable internet stat of 2010 came at the end of the year when we learned that Facebook users had uploaded a whopping 750 million photos over New Year’s weekend. That stat is impressive, but it’s certainly not alone when it comes to big numbers and the web.

The folks over at Pingdom put together an extensive list of some of the internet’s key stats in 2010. Here are a few standouts.

  • Email, Not Dead: 107 trillion emails were sent (an avg of 294 billion a day).
  • Neither is Spam: 89% of that email was spam.
  • Domain Names: Wonder why it’s so hard to find a decent domain name? Over 202 million are already taken.
  • Why am I Posting in English? There are 1.97 billion internet users in the world. That’s 14% more than last year. Asia has 825 million, Europe has 475 million, North America has 266 million.
  • Ex-Post Factoids: There are 152 million blogs (which makes me feel a little less embarrassed to have started about 12 myself). There were 25 billion tweets sent. Lady Gaga had 7.7 million Twitter followers. Facebook had 600 million members. And 20 milion Facebook apps were installed a day (I’m guessing only about 19.9 million of those are owned by Zynga).
  • IE, Therefore I Am: Yes, Internet Explorer is still the leading web browser worldwide with a 47% marketshare. Chrome has burst on to the scene with 14.9%.
  • Photo Snapshot: 3000 photos a minute are uploaded to Flickr. Three billion photos a month are uploaded to Facebook. And even with all that competition, my kids are still the cutest.

In short, there are a lot of us and we really, really like to share.

There are a lot more numbers in Pingdom’s post.

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