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Twitter and Facebook Spill the 2010 Trends

Twitter has come out with the top trends of 2010:

    News: Gulf Oil Spill
    People: Justin Bieber
    Movies: Inception
    TV: MTV Video Music Awards
    Tech: iPad
    Sports: LeBron James
    Hashtags: #rememberwhen

An interesting mix of topics — positive and negative, serious and frivolous — makes up the full list. Mel Gibson soared ahead of Korean pop star Kim Hee Chul. The Expendables was just behind Twilight. Android phones are hot news. And among wildly irritating plastic horns, the Vuvuzela has no rival.

Meanwhile, over at Facebook, the top trends show a decidedly teenage bent. Any of you know what HMU is? If you do, you’re probably too young to be reading this blog. It means “Hit Me Up” and it was Facebook’s top trend ¬†of the year, peaking at a cool 80,000 mentions a day. The FB top ten list also includes Bieber and of course, a reference to Farmville.

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