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Internet and Generation E for Everyone

The dominance of the Millenial generation (ages 18-33) is starting to slide a bit when it comes to web use. They still lead in most categories when it comes to usage, but other groups are catching up and passing them in certain areas.

It will not come as much of a surprise that folks from different generations are all meeting on social networks where the fastest growth has come among those 74 and over (which makes my mom’s refusal to accept my Facebook friend request all the more upsetting).

According to the report from Pew, Blogging is one of the few online activities that saw a slight decline among certain segments.

For those of you working on your latest PowerPoint deck, here are the activities that are uniformly popular across all age groups.

    Search engine use
    Seeking health information
    Getting news
    Buying products
    Making travel reservations or purchases
    Doing online banking
    Looking for religious information
    Rating products, services, or people
    Making online charitable donations
    Downloading podcasts

Read the full report at PewInternet.

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