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Everything About Nick Felton. And Then Some.

Some people criticize this era of oversharing. NY-based graphic designer Nicholas Felton embraces it and even turns it into an art form. In 2008, Felton experienced an average temperature of 54.7 degrees, consumed 2.7 alcoholic beverages a day, sent 15.9 emails a day, took 4 sick days and attended several birthday parties for friends with an average age of 31.

How do I know that? Because Felton tracks everything in his life. Sometimes he gets others to do the same. In 2009, he asked everyone with whom he had a meaningful encounter “to submit a record of this meeting through an online survey.”

Felton adds to his list of personal updates as often as every fifteen minutes and at the end of the year he publishes a polished and graphical annual report on himself: What he ate (9 types of chocolate), what the weather was like, where he went, what he drank (50 types of beer), and on and on.

Is Felton getting the most out of every moment and connecting his experiences to his art? Or is he in a really serious need of an editor? Either way, I think we’d all admit that a beautiful printed and bound annual report is preferable to a few hundred-thousand status updates.

SlateTV piece on Felton. provides his latest annual reports

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